There is an abundance of information about HPV accessible online, so why bother creating more?


  1. The information available isn’t the information I was looking for when I was first diagnosed. I wanted to know how people had sex after they’d been diagnosed–the literal things they did and didn’t do. I wanted to know the likelihood of getting cancer, not the amount of cancer cases related to HPV. I wanted to know how, if, when, people were able to accept their diagnoses. I wanted to know if the virus could be moved around via things like toilet paper or not. I wanted to know if two people with HPV having sex could exacerbate the virus, as dumb as that might sound now. It was all of these little, itching questions that I desperately wanted answered. While I won’t be able to provide significant medical insight, I think I can be a source of open and honest explorations of how I handled many of these hurdles, and this blog a place for transparant questions and answers.


  1. The stories I’ve read from other HPV-ers online about their own experiences seem quite panicked and lost. People are scared, and they want to tell their stories. On forums, one person will recap their medical history followed by any questions they have, and instead of answers, I see more helpless and hopeless pleas for explanations and comfort. To me, it seems that there could never be too many places for someone struggling to go and read about others who have gone through a similar experience.


  1. I didn’t talk about this at first. This being HPV. I was embarrassed and absolutely ashamed. I felt dirty and dumb, and thought that telling people would change how they saw me. I see this blog as a way for me to not only talk about what I once was too scared to mention by name, but to share it with those who need or want to read about HPV, and what it’s like to be diagnosed, and how you will be okay.


  1. If at all possible, I’d like to create a community where you can talk about the scary things about HPV and ask every inane, miniscule question that crosses your mind. Everything from the emotions of finding out, telling people if you choose to, and accepting your diagnosis to the real medical ramifications of living with HPV. The risks, the possibilities, the ways to lead a healthy life. Forums and groups I’ve seen online so far just seem so clinical, so harshly impersonal. I want people to come here for warmth and love and answers and support and for a space to ask question after question after question.

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