1. What is the likelihood it will give me cancer?
  2. What is the likelihood the virus will go dormant if I’m healthy?
  3. What is the likelihood it will come back?
  4. When might it come back?
  5. What can I do to ward it off?
  6. Is there medicine you can take once you have HPV?
  7. How did I get it if I had the vaccine?
  8. Should I get the vaccine again now that it protects against more strains?
  9. What can my boyfriend do if there’s no male HPV test?
  10. What sex stuff should we not do anymore, even with protection?
  11. Can I spread the virus just by wiping with toilet paper?
  12. Can it live on clothes?
  13. Can two people with HPV having sex exacerbate the virus within each other?
  14. What are the signs of penile cancer?
  15. What are the signs of throat cancer?
  16. What are the signs of cervical cancer?
  17. Should my boyfriend go to the doctor more often because he is at a greater risk for developing cancer?
  18. How can you know how many men get cancer from HPV if you can’t tell if a man has HPV?
  19. How can you know how many men get HPV at all?
  20. What if men can’t get HPV?
  21. How can someone say your cancer is caused by HPV definitively?
  22. Is it possible I can also develop warts even though I have the cancer-causing strain?
  23. What strain do I have?
  24. Are there cancer-causing strains of HPV that are worse than others?
  25. Once the virus goes dormant or clears should I still have sex as if I have the virus and be very safe?
  26. If I never clear the virus will I definitely develop cancer?
  27. Why am I so dumb to have exposed myself to this?
  28. Does my taking birth control compound the risks of cervical cancer?
  29. Are you sure?
  30. If I have to get a hysterectomy can I freeze my eggs?
  31. Where did my boyfriend learn to be so caring and kind and where can I learn to be that way?
  32. Should I avoid certain foods?
  33. Eat certain foods?
  34. Is it bad I didn’t feel it when you took the biopsy?
  35. Is it weird I didn’t feel the needle when you gave me novocaine?
  36. Are you sure there isn’t something more wrong down there than HPV and pre-cancer?
  37. Can sex re-open any sort of LEEP procedure wound?
  38. How many times can I safely get a LEEP?
  39. What are the risks of the LEEP procedure and my having kids?
  40. Can I give my kid HPV when they’re born?
  41. Are you absolutely sure I have HPV and it wasn’t a mistake?
  42. Should I tell my past partners?
  43. Why not?
  44. Wouldn’t you like to know?
  45. Can you really only get HPV from sex?
  46. How likely is it that I got this from protected sex?
  47. Does getting HPV give me a free pass to punch a certain someone in the face?
  48. How many people with HPV don’t know they have it?
  49. Is a regular illness enough to reactivate the virus once it’s dormant?
  50. Can the virus pass cancer onto other parts of my body besides my cervix?
  51. Will I ever forgive myself?

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