Every question I ever had about HPV (almost)

What is the likelihood it will give me cancer? What is the likelihood the virus will go dormant if I’m healthy? What is the likelihood it will come back? When might it come back? What can I do to ward it off? Is there medicine you can take once you have HPV? How did I … Continue reading Every question I ever had about HPV (almost)


Ma & pa & HPV

I told my mother that I had HPV minutes after I found out; she was the first call I made after hanging up with the doctor. I remember feeling like I was confessing a terrible mistake, and wondering what it was like for her to hear, “Mom, I have to tell you something.” I repeated … Continue reading Ma & pa & HPV

Kombucha o’clock

One of the primary topics I researched when I was first diagnosed with HPV was how and why the virus might come back after going dormant. I read that it had to do with your immune system, that deficiencies could lead to a reactivation of the virus. Those with poor immune systems were most at-risk … Continue reading Kombucha o’clock